Olives Olive Oil

In our company you can find olives and extra virgin olive oil for wholesale in Greece and abroad.

Extra Vitgin Olive Oil

The extra virgin olive oil produced in Greece with technical procedure and is the main product of Mediterranean diet, is a healthy product because of the content in monounsaturated fat and antioxidants. Olive oil is more than a rich source of fatty acids since it has anti-inflammatories and chemopreventive properties.

You will find extra virgin oil in five different packages

  • Glass bottle 250 ml packaged in cartons 12Χ250 and 24Χ250
  • Glass bottle 500 ml packaged in cartons 12Χ500 and 24Χ500
  • Glass bottle 1000 ml packaged in cartons 12Χ1 and 24Χ1
  • Metal tin 3000 packaged in cartons ml 6Χ3
  • Metal tin 5000 ml packaged in cartons 4Χ5


  • Glass bottle 250 gr packaged in cartons 12Χ250
  • Glass bottle 500 gr packaged in cartons 12Χ500
  • Glass bottle 750 gr packaged in cartons 12Χ750
  • Metal tin 5 kg