Food safety

OLYMPIA LTD, having a long-standing presence in the market of pulp, fruit and vegetable products, and acknowledging the need to ensure food safety, has adopted and implemented a Food Safety Management System (SAMS) in accordance with the requirements of the standard ELOT ENISO 22000: 2018.

The scope of the Food Safety Management System is: "Marketing: Fruit and Vegetable Pulp Products, Standardized Olive Oil, Jams, Nectar Juices, Natural Juices in Tetrapack Packages, Fruit compotes, fresh Fruit / Vegetables and Aromatic plants/Herbs".

The Company's management is committed to:

  • Comply with international and domestic law
  • Comply with the requirements of its customers related to food safety
  • Provide adequate resources and ensure food safety through the RSFF that meets the requirements of ISO 22000
  • Communicate with both product suppliers and customers about issues related to food safety
  • Take into consideration the consumers on special diets, the advice of the competent authorities as well as the new scientific data on food risks.
  • Ensure the continuous improvement of the efficiency and performance of the system.

To meet its commitments, Management sets goals to:

  • Ensuring the continuous and proper operation of the processes in order to provide a safe product.
  • Immediate handling of incidents that may endanger the product.
  • Provide resources and appropriate staff to ensure the smooth operation of the System processes

More specifically, the company's objectives are related to the effectiveness of control measures, discrepancy management, resource allocation and overall performance of the company.

OLYMPIA LTD's food safety policy, as formulated by the Food Safety Officer, is reviewed annually to examine appropriateness. It is notified, implemented and maintained at all levels of administration and addresses the company's communication issues.