About us

Having gained long term experience in cultivating land and in processing agricultural products, we have decided to create OLYMPIA LTD Company; a small family owned business .Our Company’s policy is to remain loyal to our love for natural products and to our philosophy for a better life.

Our home base is set in the plains of Thessaly, central Greece. The plains, known for their fertile soil, are an ideal ground for the cultivation of tasty tomatoes. Towards the south of the Thessalian plains Mount Othrys arises, which hosts vast olive plantations on its slopes covering all the area to the coastline.

In addition, “Mountain tea”, and many other aromatic/medicinal plants grow in the pristine nature of the mountain tops and constitutes the first products we started promoting.

Expanding and following demands for fruit products, we transferred our headquarters to Veria, Macedonia to obtain full control of the production process. Through our twenty-five years’ of experience we can monitor the process from harvesting and processing to final packaging, always in cooperation with producer groups and joint ventures. Our goal is to provide the best quality by controlling all stages of the production process from raw material to final product and meet all national and European standards. The ELOT EN ISO 22000: 2005 certification issued to the company demonstrates compliance with international standards and requirements.

Mutual trust, respect and a common policy in the supplier - producer chain to achieve best results is of our first priority. This has been achieved through stability towards our customers and is based on professionalism and mutual respect. Positive feedback has laid the grounds for sustainability and future endeavors to launch new products.

Together we strive for:

  • Better product quality
  • Competitive prices
  • Search for innovative products
  • Trust and consistency
  • Expanding and consolidating our position in the international market

This is the vision and goal of our company.

This is our commitment.