Tomato paste wholesale

Our company sells concentrated tomato pastes:

  • 28% - 30% Cold BREAK
  • 36% - 38% Cold BREAK
  • 29% -30% Hot BREAK

Packed in aseptic packaging in metal drums, 220 liters.

Tomato paste is a thick paste made of tomatoes. It is widely used as a basic ingredient in cooking. It can accompany meat, pulses and almost every type of food. It is usually made in August, mainly because at this stage the tomato fruit production ends and secondly because tomatoes reach full maturity during this period. It is also an excellent choice for a balanced diet as it yields little calories and is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements essential to boost our immune system. Tomatoes and tomato-pastes are proven to be one of the best regulators of blood sugar levels, thus helping to lower cholesterol levels and enhance skeletal health. Another feature of tomato is that it protects against cancer. For all these reasons tomatoes should be included as part of a regular diet.